IVR System Software


for hybrid analog FXO/FXS/Logging applications


With the open access framework, the FHT series is a powerful and versatile analog telephony interface platform with on-board DSP resources to process fax, conferencing and voice-processing. It is designed to provide developers of highly reliable telecommunications systems with an optimized, cost-effective solution that saves cPCI/PCI/USB slots over traditional designs by combining 2~16 analog Loopstart/Subscriberloop connections with DSP-based enhancements such as fax, conference and voice processing capabilities.

Rooted in Ivrboard all-in-one architecture, hardware design of FHT series adopts modular structure to deliver custom products and high application flexibility for developers and integrators. FHT series boards can be installed with specific modules for station, trunk and recording functions and have high analog interface capability to fit to diverse applications needs. The "USB Box" in the FHT Series is handy for setting up 2~4 port systems for application developers and household users.

The FHT series is also supported by Ivrboard's in-house unified API that is operating systemindependent, which makes it highly versatile. With a single, protocol-independent API, programmers can easily and quickly develop applications that run on a variety of telecommunication networks simply by executing protocols on the FHT DSP resources. The in-house unified API unifies application development across all Ivrboard's CTI and call recording products.

2 ~ 16 Analog Ports
Configurable 2 ~ 16 analog Loopstart/Subscriber interfaces with call control and switching in cPCI/PCI/USB slot.

Distributed Teleconferencing
Independent conference resource in each port, support conference recording/monitoring;
DTMF filtering to eliminate DTMF signal in confere nce; configured as interactive teleconferencing without limit on the number of conferees and conferences of high-density

All-in-One Architecture
Universal port capability supports conference, fax, voice-processing and built-in FHT Series functions to ensure scalability, compatibility, and high performance to leverage developer time and application investment.

In-House Unified API
Protocol-independent API minimizes system development and deployment efforts and feature-rich software development kits support for Windows and Linux

FSK/DTMF Detection
Handle call connection with special algorithm for dialing handing and recognizing caller ID in FSK and DTMF modes.

Real-Time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring by audio jack for any of the channels in teleconferencing without need of an additional channel.

Built-in Voice-Processing Resource
Support: A-law, μ-law, record/playback of Windows WAV file, programmable tone generation/ reception/ detection for DTMF, FSK receiver/transmitter, adaptive echo cancellation and barge-in functionality.

Fax Resource
Cover all IVR voice functionality, 4, 8 or 12 ports of DSP based Group 3 fax resources available; transmission speed up to 14400bps; support .TIF file, fax transmission of all kinds of printable files, easily viewed and printed; faxing capacity is software configurable.

Rich DSP Resources
Used to implement call control, switching, and enhancements such as voice playback/record, DTMF/MF, call progress functions , echo cancellation, fax, conferencing; DSP resources are efficiently managed to minimize host overhead and maximize host processing time.
Switching Bus
Full-speed H.100/H.110 bus with 4,096 timeslots to support interoperability with other boards in openarchitecture, high-capacity systems.