IVR System Software

Dialogic Card
Dialogic Card


Features and Benefits

Intelligent analog interface boards provide loop start network connectivity to H.100-based computer telephony systems.
enable high-density applications.
Distributed CT Bus switching permits inbound/outbound call re-routing, both inter-board as well as intra-board.
Signaling functions such as loop seizure, current detection, and ring are controlled and monitored through the host-PC interface
Toll quality voice encoding and decoding
Support for Caller ID calling party number retrieval
Transient protection circuitry for high reliability
The board’s voice format fully compatible with Intel Dialogic’s voice format. Provides variable voice coding at 24/32 Kb/s ADPCM(.vox), 48/64 Kb/s A-law/u-law PCM, and 48/64 Kb/s A-law/u-law/linear waves. H.100 connector allows for easy future expansion to the industry-standard CT Bus.
Configure multiple boards in a single chassis, PCI bus, for easy and cost-effective system expansion of up to 128/256 analog ports
Supply the same API as D/160SC-LS,D/41ESC, D/41EPCI,D/41H of Intel Dialogic(SR5.11). .


Voice messaging
Interactive voice response
Voice/audio response systems
Automatic call distributors
Contact Center
Voice Mail
Auto dialers
Notification systems

Hardware System Requirements

Pentium Processor PCI bus computer. Operating system hardware requirements vary according to the number of channels being used.

System Software support

Windows NT4.0+SP5 and above
Windows2000+SP1 and above